Global warming image of the week

Berg at Portage Lake, originally uploaded by ‘SomewhereinAK’.

Thursdays each week we’ll be posting an image of the week having to do with one of the topics that is important to us.

This week we’ve chosen a picture from Alaska. The photographer tells us:

“Tourists and residents alike, gawk at a huge iceberg that drifted aground off the shore of Portage Lake. When I first visited this site in 1979, I could see Portage Glacier from where they are standing. Now it has receded miles back and around a bend in the mountain pass; and no longer visible from here.”

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3 thoughts on “Global warming image of the week

  1. Melting ice and our responsiblity to society to act environmentally correctly…
    thanks to your comment on my picture in Flickr, I discovered your absolutely wonderful blog. I haven’t read everything, but till now the subjects you comment on are also my subjects. That is why I started my flickr series. I also am thinking of taking a photograph of one of the melting glaciers here in Switzerland. For me it is very very scary, but if you try to analyze the world we live in then the signs have been very visible. For example I think it was in 1991 or so when the ice man appeared from the glacier on a moutain top between Austria and Italy. (His nackname in German is Oetzi.) But that really got me thinkng (even more) about climate change. He was buried in a glacier for 5000 years, and therefore preserved in the ice. And all those ice layers melted so much that this mummy came to the surface. So, Al Gore may have popularized the subject, for which I admire him enormously, but the signs were there before.
    Al Gore and others think that if enough people act environmentally correct, that we might… maybe… revert or stop the climate crisis. I can tell you what some of us are doing in Switzerland
    (we have those melting glaciers and more and more mud slides every time it rains)… but later. // Ange Halle, Switzerland

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