Global Warming Photo of the Week: Green Train Crossing

Green Train Crossing, originally uploaded by Go Green Charleston.

This is a great sign as it works to institute a new way of thinking in people. Turning off your car while waiting for a train make sense and costs you nothing, but most don’t think of it.

It’s this fundamental change in values that we’re trying to work toward. Getting people to change what’s important to them — and highlighting those who have.

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7 thoughts on “Global Warming Photo of the Week: Green Train Crossing

  1. Not only does it cost you nothing, it actually saves you something. If your engine is off, you’re not burning fuel (duh!), which means you can use your gas to actually go a little farther, instead of just sitting there!

    Turning one’s engine off is actually pretty common here, at least at the tracks that tend to get very long freight trains. I guess once you’re used to them and you know how long they’ll be sitting there, burning up that $2.81/gallon gasoline isn’t so appealing anymore!

  2. I’m sorry but this isn’t very good. Whenever you start your engine it squirts a lot of fuel into the engine to get it started. Also since the burn of the fuel isn’t clean at start, it produces more pollution. For that short time your waiting there I assume 5 minutes max, then your going to make more pollution stopping and starting the engine and use up more fuel due to the initial squirt of fuel needed to get right fuel air mix in the engine.

  3. I’m living in The Netherlands and it’s here quite normal to shut down your engine while waiting for a train / bridge.

    Also in some places we’ve sings like this says to shut down your engine. But most of the people do it anyway.

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