The top 5 Global Warming Videos on Youtube

Here’s a roundup of great youtube videos on global warming. I poured over a good number of them but think these are the best recent ones.

If you run across one you think is cool, let me know by leaving a comment.


1. A Global Warning…

This one begins with some great discussion by Tony Blair. Try to watch through to the end — the ending is neat, I won’t spoil it for you!

2. AL GORE: Global Warming Testimony @ Congress 3.21.07

An interesting, must see discussion. A bit long at 37 minutes, so watch when you have a few minutes to see it all the way through.

3. The Great Global Warming Swindle 1 of 8

A strong argument against global warming, dismissing it’s importance. It’s important to see this — as mad as it might make you — in order to know what we’re up against.

4. Grow up, Cool down

This one is from Greenpeace. It’s a short, but powerful clip set on a receding glacier. It’s here really as an introduction to the whole set of youtube videos that Greenpeace has produced. If you use youtube, you should subscribe to their video feed.

5. Futurama Global Warming

Finally, a fun one. This is a great clip from the cartoon Futurama that finally sets the record sraight on global warming!

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