Car passing gas? Recycle those fumes!

At Green Options today they’re passing along a story from Engadget on the ‘Greenbox’ — an aftermarket deice for cars that claims to capture most of the greenhouse gases from cars to keep them out of the atmosphere.

The idea is that you’d attach the ‘greenbox’ to your car and it would capture the gases as you drive — then you’d replace the greenbox with a new one once it was full. The trapped gases would then extracted from the greenbox and used as an ingredient in making biofuels.

According to a Reuter’s article:

Dubbed “Greenbox”, the technology developed by organic chemist Derek Palmer and engineers Ian Houston and John Jones could, they say, be used for cars, buses, lorries and eventually buildings and heavy industry, including power plants. “We’ve managed to develop a way to successfully capture a majority of the emissions from the dirtiest motor we could find,” Palmer, who has consulted for organizations including the World Health Organisation and GlaxoSmithKline, told Reuters.

“The carbon dioxide, held in its safe, inert state, can be handled, transported and released into a controlled environment with ease and a minimal amount of energy required,” Houston said at a demonstration using a diesel-powered generator at a certified UK Ministry of Transportation emissions test centre.More than 130 tests carried out over two years at several testing centers have, the three say, yielded a capture rate between 85 and 95 percent.

Here’s a graphic to illustrate in more detail:

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5 thoughts on “Car passing gas? Recycle those fumes!

  1. 85-95 percent is an insane amount of efficiency. Wonder why the car co’s don’t make something like this themselves. They could get residual profits off the replacement boxes, gain some respect, and become part of the solution all at the same time!

  2. I’m amazed that someone hasn’t tried to invent a Green Box or something like this 20 years ago. We all have heard about Climate change and Smog. Even if it doesn’t work like they as good as they say what do we have to lose. It’s a start and who knows the Green Box may change everything! God Bless anyone who try’s to make the air we all breathe BETTER!!!

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