Greenpeace training a new set of Environmental Leaders

“We’re putting congress on the hot seat

because we want them to put the issue of

global warming on the front burner”

Check this video to get a good look at the next generation of environmental leaders in America.The video was prepared as part of a training program organized and led by Greenpeace in association with Seventh Generation.According to the website for the training event (called ChangeIt ’07)

The Change It program is an all-expenses-paid week of grassroots educational training in Washington, D.C., July 20 to 26, led by the experts from Greenpeace and other progressive organizations. Building on last year’s success, the program will teach 200 dedicated full- and part-time students, ages 18 to 24, how to take on the toughest global challenges of our time.

Change It provides an opportunity for student leaders already committed to protecting the environment, leading social change and taking action to learn the skills and tools they need to become effective leaders. Students will emerge from the program ready to engage in the efforts necessary to prevent global warming and address the most critical issues facing their generation.

Just so no one feels like they need to wait until they’re older before they can put their training skills to work, just remember that Martin Luther King was only 26 years old when Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up to a white man and Martin became the leader of the movement that gathered around her. He went on to win the Nobel peace Prize at age 35.

Young people can change the world if they have the right motivation, energy and training. Good luck to all of them.

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