Oh, and Happy Birthday to…


From their site:

Before the month is out I just wanted to slip in a hearty ‘Three Cheers’, ‘for-you’re-all-jolly-good-fellows’ type greeting for little ole TreeHugger. Yep, we’ve successful navigated through the Terrible Twos and moved right on, without even celebrating our momentous Third Birthday. The other day we ranked 20th out of some 75,000,000 other blogs, so guess we can take that as our pressie. Thanks to you, our loyal readers, for coming to the never-ending party. Bring your friends, we’ve still got plenty of optimism in the fridge. In the partying words of our founder, Graham Hill, RKNRL!

Happy Birthday and here’s hoping for many more! Great site, and great work!

Go out and have some organic ice cream and cake – and don’t blow out the candles, use their light to clean up by so you don’t have to turn the lights on!

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