Still Life With Produce

Still Life With Produce, originally uploaded by shawn schreiner.

More local food shots today. It’s almost August and we’re at just about the peak of gardening and local produce season. The tomatoes this time of year are about the best food on earth (if you ask me!).

This week, make an effort to buy some local food. Look for a sign at your local store, or find a farmer’s market nearby.

If you’re at the store, ask someone in the produce department if they have locally grown produce. They may have it, but not have it marked.

Let them know you’re interested in it and they’ll remember — and it may make it easier for local farmers the next time they try to sell their goods to that store.

If you don’t know where to buy locally grown food, try searching – they have databases of local growers and community supported agriculture (CSA) farms.

Eating local will taste better because the food is fresher. It will also make your soul feel better because of the good your doing for the planet and your community.

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  4. My parents are growing a lot of kinds of vegetables at home. Therefore, my entire family can always fortunately eat fresh vegetables. In the supermarket etc, the majority of Japanese are buying fresh vegetables that the farmers in local grew. All the production ground is described clearly as for the sold vegetables. Recently, a lot of consumers in Japan don’t buy vegetables almost imported from China. Because the vegetables from China have a lot of problems in safety. The form (Sale of products brought in directly from producers) that some farmers in various regions sell the produced vegetables directly to a lot of consumers in various places has extended in Japan. The point I am very anxious is that Japan’s rate of food self-sufficiency is much lower than other countries. However, the rate of food self-sufficiency is progressing the policy of improving it to Japanese Government now.

  5. dude. i am hitting them up this weekend. if they are there. i usually see a farmer’s market at the tony berger center in south austin. south austin is way way better than north austin. don’t anyone try to lie to you about this very very certain fact of life – southAustin is, “speaking as a child of the 90′s” the dopest part of town and all ways will be.

    peace bro.

    southAustin(fernando); //awwwwwwYeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!

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