Seacoast EatLocal Blog reviews video on food supply

Here’s a wonderful post from Seacoast Eat Local, wonderful, very-local blog located in the Seacoast area of Southern, NH.

They blogged today about a youtube video that very simply lays out the story of our food supply and some of the issues surrounding it. For example, did you know that the process of growing, processing and shipping food where it’s grown to your door consumes about 17% of the energy used in the United States?

This short video takes just a few minutes to watch – and it’s simple message will stick with you.

Another great part of their site is their wiki page. It’s a collection of local food information for their local area. It’s a great example of how local communities can gather and share knowledge about local food optoins in their area.

This video was published by ‘Video Nation’, the video arm of ‘The Nation’ magazine. For background on ‘The Nation’, see this article in Wikipedia which provides information on this publisher.

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