Update on Carnival of Green Living

Tomorrow we’ll host the first Carnival of Green Living here at 21st Century Citizen, and I have to tell you we’re pretty excited. We’ve had a great response and over 20 bloggers have submitted posts for us to highlight.

Now, 20 posts is really too many to post all at once – certainly a lot more than we expected when we announced this Blog Carnival last week. I’ve reviewed them and their all solid and well-written, so I don’t want to leave any out. But still, if we post them all at once then some of them won’t get the attention they deserve.

So what we’ve decided to do is post half of them tomorrow and the other half next Wednesday.

We originally planned to host this Blog Carnival twice a month, but given the response we’ve gotten we may move it to weekly. We’ll see how things pan out.

But what I can tell you is that we’ve got some great material ready to post tomorrow — so thanks to all our readers that submitted posts!

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