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I’ve noticed that as we gain more and more regular readers, commenting has been increasing on the site. I think it’s great — I’m seeing some interesting ideas get tossed around. It makes things more fun.

So to encourage this, I’m going to write a commenting round-up thread on Fridays to review some of the week’s best comments. I’ll be writing this early on Friday morning or late Thursday, so you have the next 24 hours or so if you want to get in that one last insightful (or snarky) comment. Take your best shot.

We’ll go through the comments of the past week and pick out those that add the most to the conversation, and then build a short post around the ideas they raised.

If the people writing the comments leave website addresses, we’ll likely write a short review of their site and link to one of their recent stories.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments so everyone can read them.

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