Top Comments of the Week – August 10, 2007

One of the things I love about writing this blog is that the interaction among our readers is amazing. Like any family, sometimes we all get along — and sometimes we argue. Especially when it comes to people being forced to change their behaviors.

For example, the topic of government involvement generated some good discussion on our post What is Government’s Role?

The question raised was this: What role should government play in changing our energy wasting ways — should they be aggressive in passing laws to restrict what we do? Or should they stay off the backs of individuals and corporations and let them resolve the problems themselves.

Justin Kownacki of Cafe Witness stated his opinion thusly: “It’s all in the framing. Either you believe the government is “intruding” on your private life by denying you the right to make your own decisions, or you believe the government is “protecting” you by ensuring you do something smart / safe / economical that you might not think to do on your own.”

San Nakji put it more simply: Of course government should be involved. This is a serious problem and people need to be forced off their arses to do anything it would seem….

Cory Collier, however, saw things differently: “It’s really frustrating to see people so happy to let the government control their lives. … There’s plenty of ways to make change in the world without shoving it down people’s throats with legislation. Usually when someone says ‘There oughta be a law!’, there really shouldn’t.”

It was a good discussion with a number of good comments from a variety of readers.

But my favorite comment of the week was one of the simplest. We asked our readers what they felt the best question we could as was — and Cindy Chen of the blog Organic Picks said for her it was: “How can I teach my child to live responsibly so the future generation can do better than mine?”

Thanks to everyone that commented this week! It really adds to the quality discussion we’re having here. We’ll do another round up next week.

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