Futurama Global Warming Episodes

We get a lot of people coming to the site searching for links to Futurama’s episodes on Global Warming. In order to make it easier for those people to find what they’re looking for, here’s a page that contains links to the episodes we could find:

1. Futurama : Global Warming – Or, None like it hot!

Explaining to a little girl why her ice cream is melting…

2. Futurama: Stand by for a terrifying message from Al Gore!Al Gore, inventor of the environment, scares us and takes care of business

3. Futurama: The cause of Global Warming revealed!Finally, the cause of global warming has been identified!

Please leave links in the comments if you find others you want us to add to this page!

2 thoughts on “Futurama Global Warming Episodes

  1. Much as I approve of the “green” focus – global warming isn’t the problem. Warming is a. probably going to happen with or without humans and b. not the main problem anyway. The real ecopocalypse deal is the mass extinction, pollution, deforestion, over-fishing and otherwise destruction of the natural world. If there are lots of species around, the ecosphere can cope with great changes, including warming, like it has done before now; but with the great removal of life, due to human incompetence and failure to manage ourselves and the resources we rely upon, then we’re really up that creek without much of anything let alone a paddle. Peace, etc.

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