600 Naked People Can’t All Be Wrong

Greenpeace has released a new YouTube video today focused on climate change. It’s an interesting film in which 600 people strip naked and lay beside a glacier to protest climate change.

It’s just one more instance where people are moving ahead of governments and speaking out. The governments won’t respond until the people lead and force them too — and this short film demonstrates people who are speaking out and leading.

These 600 people took their clothes off in front of cameras as a way of speaking out against climate change — what have you done?

5 thoughts on “600 Naked People Can’t All Be Wrong

  1. isn’t this exactly why we cannot wait for government to take the leading role?

    representative government is reactionary by definition.
    the people change,
    they elect new leaders,
    those new leaders then change the laws
    to reflect the change in the people.

    look at the US Congress and the Iraq War.
    it has taken years to get that dealt with
    and we still haven’t ended our involvement
    in spite of electing an anti-war Congress.

    we cannot afford to wait for government to lead
    because by then it will be far too late.
    i fear this is why it has taken this long
    for most people to get involved
    (they expect government to lead and it isn’t).

    good news!
    i saw a SMART car on the streets of Chicago yesterday.

  2. Personally I disagree with some of the eco-terrorist things that Greenpeace has been responsible for in the past.

    I applaud the initiative seen here with the naked protest, and I think this is the exact approach that many environmentalists are missing. Why did that Swedish guy go? Because he WANTED to take a stand. He didn’t alienate anyone by ranting and raving about glaciers. No one can argue against that, not even my parents…:p

  3. What a powerful statement made by six hundred participants through mass art. We are attracted to that YouTube short clip. How amazing to see and hear that this technique can be used in a wide variety of directions to create more substantial value to people’s lives even those who appear to be clueless on ecological issues.

    The Greenpeace release reminds us of a group of brave eco-venturers who dared us all to prepare for second life with footsteps planted on Earth’s moon as an open appeal to every person sponsored by the governments.

    Channels of communication prevail in the social medial communities with visions advertised for sustainable futures. How long will it take before these streaming energetic motivators to mature is a thoughtful question developing governments and trade organizations should not second guess if they are serious about becoming the new leaders.

    Mother Earth: Accept our appreciation and ext/

  4. Do they possibly realize that they are almost hypocrites? They went there because the glacier is melting slowly. Well, the body heat from 600+ people also melts the glacier, no? Not much but it still does.

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