Global Warming and Personal Leadership: A Picture Essay

Our world is changing. The results of our consumption and over-population of the planet are being felt in many ways — and one the most dramatic and dangerous is that our world is getting warmer.

For example, one way to tell is that glaciers all over the world are melting…

The Glaciers are disappearing
While many of them have been melting as long as anyone can remember, now they’re melting much faster than they ever have…

Speaking of melting, so are our polar ice caps…

The Earth is Melting!
If this keeps up, we could find our oceans overflowing their shorelines. Cities that are now near the oceans could find themselves underwater. This could really happen.

So why don’t we all do something about it? Why do some people joke about global warming…

Some try to make light of the situation
Well, a lot of people are profiting from things as they are. They own corporations (or stock in corporations) that would lose lots of money if they were forced to confront all the issues. These people don’t want to lose money! Some of them could literally lose millions! (Or Billions!).

Since they have so much money they can influence the government and influence public opinion.

But even so, there are things you can do. There are steps you can take…

Your Bike is a Global Warming Solution!
It may not be too late to make a difference. People who read blogs like this one have to be leaders — we’ve researched the issues and we’re learning what to do. More than that, WE CARE! We Care! We care enough to make a difference.

And when we take steps to change our habits, we inspire those around us. That’s the definition of leadership — and responsibility.And if we don’t do anything….

Before it's too late
The world may change around us more than we can handle. The changes may come too far and too fast for us to handle. If the changes are too dramatic, who knows how bad things might get? No one knows.

But what’s the most important reason to change?

Because in the end, our future depends on it.
The most important reason to change is for the next and future generations. There are children in our care today that need us to act. They need us to protect them and make sure the world is safe for them.

If things get bad, and it turns out we could’ve made a difference — what will you tell them when they ask? What will you say? Will you be able to tell them you did your best?

Think about it. Then do something about it. Lead by example, and others will follow.

7 thoughts on “Global Warming and Personal Leadership: A Picture Essay

  1. That first picture, of the marker from the Athabasca Glacier, is a bit misleading, because of the angle it’s taken from. It makes the glacier look much farther away from that marker than it really is.

    Having said that, I was just at the Athabasca Glacier this weekend, and it is astounding how fast it’s melting. The distance between the 1982 and 1992 markers is almost the same as the distance between the parking lot (approx. 1948) and the 1982 marker. That’s a huge difference in recent times.

    The distance from the 1992 marker to where the glacier is today is also quite astounding. Every time I visit that glacier, I’m amazed by the rate of melt/recession in recent decades.

    Hopefully, we can create change soon enough that there will be something more than a puddle in the mountains left for me to show my children some day.

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