A simple step you can take: Love Each Other!

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A lot of the time blogging (and reading) about environmental issues and global climate change can be depressing. So let’s lighten up today and talk about love.

In the end, it’s love for each other — and those close to us — that will motivate us to make the changes we need to make. It’s love that helps us put the good of others before our own wants and desires. It’s love for future generations (our grandchildren included!) that drives us to leave the world in good shape for them.

So today, focus on love. Focus on being loving and remembering those who love you.

Because when you love other people, you don’t mind so much making changes in your own life to make their lives better.

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6 thoughts on “A simple step you can take: Love Each Other!

  1. And our compassionate love for those we don’t know. Those in Africa who are feeling the first of the effects of global warming already as they struggle to feed their children. Those around the world who lose their lives and their loved ones to extreme weather. How can any of us be truly happy in our lives while our brothers and sisters are suffering because of our extravagances with energy usage, water usage and consumption. It’s time to take extreme action. Complacency sucks!

  2. interesting that you would bring this up. i participated in free hugs day yesterday and the question of universal love (vs. romantic love or love for close individuals, like family and friends) came up. if you have time, maybe you can add some insights? here is the post in question.

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