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Hello and welcome to the first installment of ‘Organic Perspectives’ here on 21st Century Citizen!

My name is Poornima Ravi and I’ll be writing on Organic issues on this blog each Monday. I also write my own blog, but I’ll be writing here as well. This first post is to introduce myself.

I wished to reach out to a bigger bunch of people, to spread the good word and interact on issues related to Organic. I’m glad to be a 21st Century Citizen!

About Me

For starters I’m a graduate of Visual Communication, from India. After the Bachelors, I wanted to explore the mass media and set out to get a job in the big city. In a year I switched 4 jobs, an ad film director’s assistant, creative head for a radio channel, copy writer and as an instructional designer.

It’s not like, the work was uninteresting nor that the companies were unfit. There was this question itching my nerves and eating my head at the end of the day: “So what?”. The work might have given my creativity a squeeze or challenged me to be accepted but there was nothing left for my soul. I did not feel “Good” and would have made no difference to the society. This is when my mom came to the rescue and said “Why don’t you sell Organic Food?”

Media and Organic Food?

Well it didn’t come out of the blue. My mother produces Organic Manure for the local estates and the lil’ company has existed for 15 yrs now. We decompose agricultural waste which enhances soil fertility and as an initiative to promote Organic Agriculture.

I’m now hardly 4 months old in the Organic Field but have discovered A Whole New World. Now I’ve found not just Soulful work but my soul itself. It has taught me fragile eco-systems, natural balance, patience and given me a purpose to exist.

So what’s the whole noise about “Going Organic”?

The term Organic can mean so many different things, from Carbon Compounds to fundamental laws. In my world, Organic is a bond between human and his natural surroundings. Today we live in a world where we find ourselves standing apart from the rest of the planet, when in fact, we share 98% of our DNA sequence to a chimp. But this 2% has made a world of a difference to the earth we live in.

The human brain has the same intelligence today as it had 200 years ago. After industrialization over the last century in its thirst for invention, discovery and luxury it has brought about the dramatic destruction of the planet. Agriculture is one of the major sectors that is affected by technology, that substitutes natural growth patterns, with that intended by man, for higher profits. This has introduced chemical fertilizers, pesticides and intensive cultivation methods. World Resources Institute states that 15%, of the world’s GHGs (Green House Gases), are emitted by Agriculture.

Due to these non-organic methods over the years, the soil has lost its fertility, crop yields have dropped and the pests have become immune to pesticides. Human immune system has deteriorated and cancer rates are on the rise. Pesticides are blamed for male infertility levels and the residual effect has seen its way through women’s breast milk. This scenario cannot continue to grow, we can’t eat our computers and television sets!

Hence the shift from Intensive Farming practices to Sustainable Agriculture has occurred. This will help us build our soil structures and encourage a flourishing eco-system. We will finally get to eat “Good Food” that will help us live a healthy life. It has been proved that Organic Food has 50% more nutrients than conventional food. Take it from me, I’ve been eating it ever since I started and feel light and energetic through the day.

That’s for the introduction. Look out for my column every Monday for a full update on current trends in the Organic Market and conversion rates in Agriculture.

Eat Organic and stay healthy!

5 thoughts on “Organic Perspectives — Writing and Essays on Organic Living and Lifestyle

  1. Hi Poornima Ravi! I’m so glad you have started this blog with all of its very important and interesting issues. Living an organic and balanced lifestyle is something that is very important to me as well.

    In the last decade, the increasing popularity of cellular phones, pda’s and blackberries have created a culture of overstressed multi-taskers. These “time saving” devices have simplified many of our daily tasks and given us more time in which to do them. But we find ourselves doing more work in spite of technological advances.

    Living a balanced lifestyle and engaging in wellness activities, such as going to the spa, doing yoga, eating healthy and organically, have become almost a necessity in managing stress. Incorporating these things into your everyday life is important, but sometimes hard to do on a daily basis. So how do we manage our busy schedules and maintain some sense of civility and sanity?

    I heard about this place called Amrit Resort and Residences, which will be a destination resort that will soon bring true balance-living to Singer Island, Florida through its Aveda Spa and Himalayan Institute partnership. Amrit, Sanskrit for “elixir of life” has partnered with Aveda and the Himalayan Institute to not only to create a spa, but a complete balanced living destination grounded in the principals of Ayurveda, the Indian term for “Science of Life.”

    We go to the Spa. But is this relaxation the answer for our hectic lives. Spas have become almost as commonplace as cell phones, yet the offerings of most spas seem to fall short of the term’s definition of enhancing the overall well-being of a person through a variety of services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. Spas can sometime be a mere Band-Aid to the fixing the problem of stress living, but a change of lifestyle can last forever.

    Amrit offers complete rejuvenation services, teaches you how to manage the complexity of your life, and helps you attain true virtuous living.

    Ayurvedic belief is that everything in the universe—including us—is composed of five elements: Infinity, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. With over 5,000 years of practiced philosophies and treatments available through an extensive spa menu, the Aveda Spa and the Himalayan Institute’s Center for Balanced Living at Amrit will offer personalized treatments to identify individuals’ Elemental Natures and evoke a new sense of balance. Ayurveda’s goal is to help us help ourselves to re-balance and restore health.

    The pinnacle of Amrit’s healthy living will be the first Southern U.S. outpost of the Pennsylvania-based Himalayan Institute, offering residents and visitors access to a health shrine providing a range of holistic experiences, including breathing, cleansing and nourishing techniques; yoga and fitness classes; and Ayurvedic treatments and therapies based on the ancient practice at its Center for a Balanced Lifestyle. Renowned for its work in integrating the best of the East and West in the fields of holistic health, Ayurveda, yoga, and spirituality for more than 30 years, The Himalayan Institute will bring its vast experience in these authentic, time-honored therapies to the Center’s offerings.

    Amrit’s developer Dilip Barot, a native of Gujarat, India, has practiced Ayurveda all of his life. He is also a self proclaimed student of the lessons of Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi. Upon moving to the United States and entering the development business, Dilip saw a void in the destination and spa industries upon which Amrit seeks to capitalize.

    While many spas offer treatments that encourage temporary relaxation, Dilip’s vision for Amrit is a holistic approach to balanced-living. It is his leadership that brought Aveda and the Himalayan Institute together in this novel, but practical approach to well-being.

  2. Thanks Marley. The info on Spas was interesting. Ayurvedic Science has of reason times gained importance. I agree that more than temporary solutions it teaches permanent lifestyle habits to cope up with daily activites. Like chewing a clove of garlic on an empty stomach daily will keep away allergies. Sometimes we say yes to everything and everyone that we forget ourselves in the bargain. I think its ok to say NO and set our priorities right. Here’s something that came up in Ayurveda recently. Its called Oil Pulling. Funny as it sounds, the concept is that the mouth is connected to your internal organs. Call it cleansing or detox, the idea sounds logical. I tried it this morning and can already feel a difference. Here’s the link.

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  4. Hi and welcome. What you write about very much affects my business, so I will be following your blogging very closely. If I ever encounter something helpful to you, you can count on me to speak up!

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