A Simple Step You Can Take: View a Comparison between LED Lights and CFL Lights

Here’s a great youtube video that shows a comparison between regular light bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs and newer, super efficient LED light bulbs. Based on comments left on the site, I know that our readers are interested in learning more on LED Light bulbs.

This video provides a very simple comparison that’s easy to understand. What you’ll see is how dramatic the differences in energy uses are. You’ll also see a bit about the differences in types of light they give off.

7 thoughts on “A Simple Step You Can Take: View a Comparison between LED Lights and CFL Lights

  1. It should be noted that the light per watt of electricity expended is the best for CFLs. (lumens/watts)

    INC = 14.17
    CFL = 57.39
    LED = 16.04

    I actually bought an LED lightbulb at an HEB supermarket (locally) for about $10. It’s pretty cool, but doesn’t provided much more than ambiant lighting. But it does have this mellow color shifting thing going on, which is pretty cool.

    So even though LEDs last forever, CFLs still give you greatest bang per buck.

  2. most of the LED bulbs I’ve seen have been closer to $25 so I do agree that CFLs give you biggest bang per buck, especially for my kitchen. I am trying to persuade my husband to install a solartube to cut down on the amount of lighting we need.

  3. It should also be mentioned that CCFLs have varying outputs depending on the temperature. Up here in Ottawa, Canada, there’s quite the campaign going on to replace your front-door lights with CCFLs… I suspect that this won’t work out so well come January, where I’m sure you’ll be lucky to get 10W-equiv of light out of a CCFL

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