Are Your Attitudes Toward Global Warming Changing?

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A recent Poll by Gallup and Yale University is suggesting that the attitude of Americans toward Global Warming is changing — and changing fast.

For example:

  • 72% are either ‘Completely Convinced’ or ‘Mostly Convinced’ that “global warming is happening”.
  • 69% are convinced that Global Warming is caused either completely or partially by human activities. (57% believe that human activities are directly to blame.)
  • 67% Strongly favor “Requiring automakers to increase the fuel efficiency of cars, trucks, and SUVs to 35 miles per gallon, even if it meant a new car would cost up to $500 more to buy.” An additional 12% “somewhat favor” this step.
  • 82% either ‘strongly favor’ or ‘somewhat favor’ “Requiring electric utilities to produce at least 20% of their electricity from wind, solar, or other renewable energy sources, even if it cost the average household an extra $100 a year.”

What do you think?


Another interesting thing about this poll was how people believe they personally can impact Global Warming. Only 69% disagreed with the statement: “The actions of a single person won’t make any difference in reducing global warming.”

That is — about 70% of Americans believe that their personal actions can make a difference with regard to global warming.

What do you believe? Can your personal actions make a difference? Yes or no?


If you answered no — please leave a comment telling us why you feel that way. If you answered Yes, tell us some of the steps your taking — and what you’d like to find more information on.

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31 thoughts on “Are Your Attitudes Toward Global Warming Changing?

  1. With the proper propaganda the American people can be made to believe anything but that propaganda can’t be sustained in the face of scientific facts.
    And so it is that the 2004 work of history professor Naomi Oreskes—a survey of peer reviewed papers on climate change, published from 1993-2003 on the ISI Web of Science database, in which she found a majority supporting the, consensus view, “defined as humans were having at least some effect on global warming change”, has been superseded by a more recent work.
    Medical researcher Dr. Klaus-Martin Schulte, using the same database and search criteria as professor Oreskes, examined all papers published from 2004 to February 2007. Of the 528 papers on climate change he found, 7% gave explicit endorsement of Oreskes “consensus view”. However, the figure rose to 45% if one accepts implicit endorsement without explicit statement.
    Of the remaining papers, 6% rejected the consensus and the remaining 48% were neutral, neither accepting or rejecting the hypothesis of human caused global warming. This finding nullifies Oreskes’ consensus.
    Weather like business has cycles. In each case, those benefitting from panic are those causing it.

  2. “those benefitting from panic are those causing it.”

    How to explain those who believe decades and centuries of intense pollution are having no effect? That’s what I’ve been working on. There’s nothing pleasant about my findings.

    Action has consequences; intense pollution has the effects you might imagine.

  3. Anyone who says that global warming has been agreed upon by consensus among the world’s scientists needs to go back to school and re-learn the scientific method. If you think man can accidentally change the entire planet’s climate (short of a few hundred nukes) you have no concept of how big the planet really is. The earth is not that fragile!

  4. Yes global warming exists just as it did 6 million years ago or so and 6 million years before that, it is a reoccurring thing and not human caused. My actions will change nothing.

  5. When we polluted the land, first, people said ‘but it’s so big, we can never pollute it all!’ Soon, people cried out ‘but you have ruined my landscapes with your garbage!’ and now, to pollute the land is illegal.

    When we polluted the oceans, first, the companies said ‘but it’s so big, we can never pollute it all! We will have no impact!’ Today, your children are at risk from mercury poisoning which originates in corporate pollution. People cried out, and now, to pollute the ocean is illegal.

    When we polluted the sky, people drove cars with tailpipes, and erected chimneys on factories, and have, so far, spewed more waste into the atmosphere than was ever dumped into the ocean. We output waste gases and heat in such a manner that you would assume our sky is unlimited, and can be polluted indefinitely. What will it take to make you cry out, and to make the pollution of our atmosphere illegal?

    TODAY, we can operate without spewing waste gases into the atmosphere. Capturing and reclaiming exhaust gases and heat, for use in biodiesel algal growth, processing them, and storing those we can’t use, is the most sensical thing we can do for our atmosphere. Green technologies are coming- but TODAY, we can force our government to change. PUSH for the requirement of waste gas entrapment, to stop the pollution of our atmosphere. Why would we pollute it, when we’ve realized how bad pollution is?

  6. Aren’t these the same scientists that told us we were in an ice age 20 years ago? And how does pollution explain the dust bowl in the 30′s? And how did pollution cause Greenland to be green before the middle ages and cause England to be near Frozen tundra during Dickens time. The globe heats and cools, it’s just a cycle, it’s more likely we are in a heat cycle, than the self centered view that we are so powerful we affect the weather.

    I am for getting off fossil fuels though, simply to stop handing over money to crazy people.

  7. Oh and what ever happened to the hairspray hole in the Ozone layer? Is it gone yet or did it join the hair club for men, or was there just no money in it?

  8. I think global warming is more dangerous than terrorism! George Bush is contributing to global warming by continuing to fund this war! Let’s bring our troops home so we can fight a more pressing war: The War on Carbon emissions!

    Maybe if we really wanted to do something about the so called “Global Warming Problem” we would start bombing all the factories in China that don’t have any emissions restrictions. Sure, it might start a war with China, but hey, it’s not like we need them anyway.

  9. i’m still not convinced that we can make a difference. everyone is accepting this as fact way too quickly without fully understanding the situation. thats not to say that i think i am an expert, but when we are looking at global trends, we only have data dating back about what between 50 and 100 years? In my opinion that just isn’t long enough to claim that we are experiencing a global trend, it may very well be a very small bump in a much more complicated curve.

  10. The current political system in the US (lobby system) favors the Energy Industry’s Multinational corporations. All of this talk about personal conservation is rubbish. In actual fact, this type of thinking is endorsed by the Energy Industry. They want you to believe that the individual holds a significant amount of responsibility. Individual change will accomplish little or nothing.

    To solve the climate crisis and other environmental problems we’re talking about revolutionary political change. We’ve all been fooled by the corporate media into believing a number of myths:

    1) Drastic reduction in emissions would lead to economic crisis. Completely false. The exact opposite will effect would occur.

    2) The problem is so large we can’t even attempt to solve it. Western Civilization has solved much greater problems.

    3) People need to cut back the amount of energy they are using – conservation is very important. There’s plenty of energy, it’s all around us, and there has been very little innovation in the energy industry over the past 100 years (with the exception of nuclear power).

    Every other industry in a free market economy thrives on technological innovation, and is led by a constant roll of new efficient products. Ask yourself why the Energy Industry has been stifling innovation for decades?

    Look at all that civilization had accomplished in the 20th Century… and now a group of politicians are saying the problem is very difficult and change has to be gradual. This is an obvious smoke screen created by the powerful few who are benefiting by keeping the status quo. Don’t believe it! If our politicians weren’t being controlled by these people, changes would be swift and the benefits would be great for all. Imagine a competitive thriving Green Energy industry with lots of competition, and new companies with exciting new products (kind of like the computer technology industry in the last 15 years).

    Stop worrying about your own behavior and take a good look at your leaders. Guess what, they brought us here, and they have no plans of changing course.

  11. Global warming is not an issue as far as we know. Humans can not create a stable environment in 1 acre of land, nevertheless the entire planet. We don’t know what’s good for this hunk of rock, but the CO2 levels when dinosaurs were around was almost 3% of the entire atmosphere. This lead to huge plant growth and high temperatures, which is why dinosaurs were fast, strong, big, and dominated the entire globe.

    And the temperature in the USA over the past century has risen less than 1°C, and there is a large amount of conflicting data form other places in the world. The temperature change of the environment in the last 100 years has not been significant enough to affect major weather patterns, especially those that drive snow.

  12. Some of these comments are a bit disturbing… It’s hard for me to believe that many people DON’T believe that global warming is actually happening. It’s a little like Pascal’s Wager. If you take steps to prevent global warming and it DOESN’T exist, no harm done, right? If you take steps and it DOES exist, then all of humanity, presumably is better off.

  13. It has been shown that carbon levels actually follow behind temperature rises by about 100 years. Although I do believe in global warming I don’t believe that mankind is having a significant impact on it. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is relative to two inches on a 100 yard football field. Animal and plant decay release many times more methane (a greenhouse gas)than we could ever hope too. It is more likely that the temperature of the Earth and other bodies in the Solar System would be driven by the Sun.

  14. The debate is entirely framed in rhetoric at this point. People hear numbers like “40%” (the increase in atmospheric CO2 since 1750) or “3 meter” (the predicted rise of the worlds oceans if the ice caps melt) and they’re spurned to panic. If they were able to discern the facts like 0.00009 (the actual change in atmospheric composition caused by man since 1750) or “24 inches” (the maximum possible rise in any given scenario of melting ice considered by the IPCC) they aren’t as heavily panicked. Of course, this doesn’t work in favor of those who would have us believe that humanity is capable to changing the global ecosystem (for better or for worse), so we never hear these truths.

  15. To Jake Bouma: Not all of us unconditionally accept the BS being fed to us by uneducated, sensationalist media and those with an agenda or money to make (e.g. Al Gore and his ilk). Of course it’s getting warmer, just like it has many times in the past, and at best, we may be having a slight effect on this. If it was getting cooler, there would not be a darn thing we could do to stop that either.

  16. Not that I am a total global warming skeptic, but I think there are other, more important issues that are being aided by the paranoia around global warming. We will run out of fossil fuels sooner than global warming will be a serious issue. Switching to renewable energy sources needs to be pushed, for simple sustainability issues, regardless of global warming. Paranoid people also need to realize that Nuclear Power is actually a viable and high yield clean energy source, and technology has come a long way since 3MI and Chernobyl. Yucca Mountain is a high tech, high volume site with almost no contamination risk to store spent fuel.

  17. The only hope for humans is a pandemic virus which wipes out 4/5 of the global population. If I drive an eco friendly car it will help slow climate change but if the population goes to the estimates of around 8-9b within a few years we are all screwed.

    The planet can’t cope with the numbers now so if we don’t get a good old fashioned outbreak we better find an extra planet or get Slartybartfast to make a new one.

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  19. Organic gardening helps to trap greenhouse-gas carbon in the soil while reducing our output of carbon.

    What we really need is an infrastructure shift, where “standard of living” has more to do with health and care and compassion than stuff.

  20. I agree with any sentiment regarding pumping mechanical waste products of any kind into the environment and having spent the early years of my life in the industrial heartland of Northern England – always have done.
    Is that picture of Cumbria – very nice – reminds me of lots of walks I’ve been on – sadly doesn’t represent the freedom of thought or intellectual expression with regard to the current environmental debate though.

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  23. Global warming has been occuring since the end of the last ice age. There is nothing we can do to stop it. Only now that Al Gore and his buddies have invested in so many Green companies, does he need us to push for environmental change. This way he can make more money off the poor saps that think they can make a difference. I myself would like to see cleaner air by having everyone drive electric cars but I don’t think it will make a big difference for global warming. Its like if you put a drop of gas in a 50 gallon drum and drink a ladle full. The water tastes bad and if you think about it too much you will get a little queasy, but you will not get sick or die. Global warming is going to happen anyway. As the permafrost in Alaska melts, they find dirt with dead roots from thousands of years ago. If plants were there at one time, Isn’t this the way the earth was meant to be? And we have feet so we can move to higher ground if the sea rises a few feet. It’s only Money that we stand to loose when the oceans rise. So now the rich want the poor and average man to conserve and pay extra gas and electric taxes while Al Gore and Hollywood celebrities use more electricity, Jet to wherever they want to go, and drive their humvees. The only green effect they have is a PR appearance. Droughts like the dust bowl and hurricanes like katrina have happened throughout the worlds history. Only now we have thousands of news stations around the world and the internet to let us know where they are and how severe. It doesn’t occur any more often than before. Just now we know about them.

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