Remember Beauty

It’s easy when discussing all the problems in our world to forget how beautiful and wonderful this world is.

All around us is a natural beauty that’s there, waiting for us to stumble over it at almost every turn.

As you go through your next few days, try to remember this: There is beauty all around you if you look for it. And that beauty is part of the joy of being alive — remember to look for it and find it when you can. The hard part is simply remembering to look for it.

And when your thoughts weigh you down, that beauty will remind you of the better days you’ll have up ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Remember Beauty

  1. I live in the country in Japan. It is a location naturally given where a lot of beauty can be fortunately enjoyed. I think that I make the change of the season strongly actually felt alive. The beauty of every the season becomes support of my mind and becomes the source of energies to tomorrow. Looking at true beauty in the real world becomes enhancement of the beauty of our minds. Therefore, we should leave the beauty of nature and the beauty of the mind to future generations. Now I wanna say to Kevin “Thank you for making this article made reading”.

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