We’re Making a Difference!

You know, sometimes when you write a blog you wonder if you’re really making a difference. You come up with ideas, you do research, you write your posts — but you always wonder if any of it really has an impact.

And then something happens that convinces you that the writing is all worth it. And that happened for us last week.

We put a post together on The Freecycle Network last week laying out how to join and what freecycling is all about. And it had an impact.

The post was picked up on both Digg and Stumbleupon and ended up being read by almost 10,000 people. Better yet, over 1500 clicked through from the post to The Freecycle Network itself.

I don’t know what happened from there, but it’s likely that a few hundred people ended up signing up as members of The Freecycle Network directly as a result of that post. And those few hundred people might save hundreds or thousands of items from heading into landfills.

And that’s awesome!

But it’s not just because of us, it’s also because of our readers. The readers of this blog voted the post up on Digg and Stumbleupon which gave it more visibility. Our readers also share this blog on Facebook and with their friends and family, and helped spread the word. So I think this is something we all should celebrate!

Thanks again to everyone who’s helping us Make A Difference!

5 thoughts on “We’re Making a Difference!

  1. Hello again! I last stumbled by your blog on “Blog Action Day” and I really enjoyed your post so I thought I’d stop by again. It’s so true that a good post can go a long way that is why I really believe in the work I am doing right now. As I explained before I’m with a coalition that is trying to keep the standards as they are set forth in the energy bill that’s on the floor right now at a strong, high level and not let Congress back down. We are inviting people to sign our petition: http://www.energybill2007.org, and let their representatives know that they are ready for change. This could be a real chance to make a difference!

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